Weekly Top 10 Polls

Be a contributor to the weekly ranking of the Top 10 Teams in your Class. Cast your vote on our web site by Noon on Sundays. The State Coordinators will tabulate the votes from all of the Sections to determine the Top 10 rankings for boys and girls teams in each Class. The State Coordinators will release the completed polls to the media on Sunday evenings.

The Top 10 rankings are determined by coaches. 

Every coach can and should have their say in the team ranking process.

To submit Top 10 Rankings for your class and gender, just click on the corresponding button below.    

Top 10 A Polls    Boys - Chris Laird - Heritage Christian Academy     Girls - Wade McFee - Maranatha Christian Academy

Top 10 AA Polls Boys - Jerrad Aspelund - Mankato East                     Girls - Scott Helling-Christy - Benilde-St.Margaret’s

Top 10 AAA       Boys - Jason Arnebeck - Park (R)                                                     Girls - James Cave - Roseville

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