Senior Classic

The Senior Classic will take place the week after the State Tournament usually on a Wednesday evening. Girls will play at 6:00 pm and the Boys will follow at 8:00 pm. Ron Kruschwitz is the coordinator for the event. The selection of teams will be chosen from the following three groups. These are in order of selection:

  • All-State Players 1st and 2nd Team (Seniors)

  • Selection of additional players from Conference Rankings (Seniors)

Each team will consist of 18-22 members. The teams will be selected after the All State Selection meeting.

All of the seniors on the All State 1st team will be placed on the teams. If there are not enough, the second round will be from the All State 2nd teams. If it should happen that there are still not enough, players will be added from the Conference Rankings given the All State selection committee. The format for the Senior Classic will be Class A versus Class AA.

From this selection process, a letter will be given out the night of the All-State Banquet to those selected players. They will be given a week to respond. At the end of the time limit, if there are still not enough players the Senior Classic Coordinators will invite players from the list provided by the aforementioned committee.

The four teams selected will be coached by the state championship teams coach. If a coach from one team declines, the runner-up coach would be asked to step in.

At this time it is planned to hold one practice. There may be a small cost to the players to cover uniforms, pictures, practice facility, etc.