Coaches of the Year Submission Forms

Instructions for Coach of the Year Awards (Coaches Packet)

In early October each Section Rep runs an election in their Section to determine the Coach of the Year (COY) and Assistant Coach of the Year (ACOY) for their Section.

The COY must be a member of the MSHSSCA. The ACOY is not required to be a member of the MSHSSCA, but his/her head coach must be a member. (Of course it is suggested that the ACOY be a MSHSSCA member, but it is not required)

The winning COYs and ACOYs from each Section receive plaques, and they are automatically entered into the MSHSSCA State COY and ACOY contest.

For the State COY and ACOY contest each Section COY and ACOY fills out a biographical information entrance form that details their involvement in high school as well as community soccer. These forms are filled out directly on the MSHSSCA web site.

A selection committee from the MSHSSCA Hall of Fame uses the biographical entrance forms to select a State Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year for each Class and gender.

The State COY and ACOY from each Class and gender are recognized at the end of the season at the State Tournament Banquet.