All State Nomination Submission Forms

The MSHSSCA is pleased to recognize top players in each gender and Class from around the State of Minnesota for our All State teams. There are 48 players from each gender and Class who are selected for the All State teams.

Click on the link to the right to access the MSHSSCA All State Selection Process.

All State Bios must be filled out by the deadline and the coach must be a member of the MSHSSCA by Midnight on October 1, for their players to be eligible to be considered in the All State Selection Process.

All State Player BIO Submission Instructions

In order for a player to be considered for All State or Honorable Mention all of the below must be completed:


Direct your questions to ALL STATE DIRECTOR Steve Hendrickson at

NOTE: A coach must be a member of the MSHSSCA by midnight on October 1, for their players to be eligible to be considered in the All State Selection Process.

                    Biographical Forms MUST BE submitted to the website below on or before the listed deadline date.

Class A Boys:      First and Second Team All State.

Class A Girls:   First and Second Team All State. 

Class AA Boys:  First and Second Team All State.  

Class AA Girls:  First and Second Team All State.  

have played in 50% of the team’s regular season games to be eligible for All State Honors.

NOTE: In some Conferences having only 1 or 2 Class A teams and the remainder Class AA teams,  number 3 above might not be feasible. In that case the Conference Coordinator can modify the rules to insure that qualified Class A players are adequately represented.




Keepers play a specialized and different position from that of a field player, and therefore will not be considered with field player selection.

Each team will be awarded 2 keepers.

The Teams selected by the above process at All State Selection Meeting will be considered final and no changes will be made to these Selected Teams after the completion of the Selection Meeting.

Ud 8/05/20

MSHSSCA MR/MS Minnesota Soccer Selection Policy


The Mr. & Ms. Soccer Awards are presented to the best senior male and female Minnesota soccer players in each Class*, as judged by the respective Class All State Selection Committees.

In order to be eligible for consideration for this award, the player must be ranked as the number one, 12th grade player in his/her Conference*. (If a non-senior is ranked as the #1 player in a conference, the highest ranked 12th grade player in the conference is eligible for this award.)


If a player’s team plays an independent schedule, the player must be ranked as being capable of being considered a number one 12th grade player had he/she played in a Conference.


In mixed Conferences with both Class AA and Class A teams the highest ranked 12 grade player from each Class is eligible to be considered for the Mr. or Ms. Minnesota Soccer Award.


The Section Representatives for each Gender and Class will comprise the 4 Mr./Ms. Soccer Selection Committees.

Using the above criteria, each Committee will identify 5 candidates in each Gender and Class who are worthy of receiving the Awards.

The Past President will put together and gather the ballots for all Genders and Classes at the All-State Selection Committee Meeting.

The Committees will take a secret paper ballot ranking the candidates from 5 to 1 (where 5 is considered most worthy).

The Past President, along with the All-State Director, will tabulate the ballots to determine who the Mr./Ms. Soccer Award recipient is for each Gender and Class. The final tabulations will remain secret, and only the Past President and the All State Director will know the results of the tabulation.

The Past President will send a Press release to the Media announcing the 5 finalists for Mr./Ms. Soccer and indicating when and where the winners will be announced.

The Past President will contact the coaches of the five finalists and invite the coaches, players and families to the All-state Banquet. He will give the following directions to the coaches:

The Past President will announce the 5 finalists at the banquet and have them stand at their places in the audience to be recognized.  The Past President will then announce the winner of the award and invite the recipient and his/her coach to step to the platform.  The recipient’s coach will then make the presentation of 

the player, and the player will respond.  Photos of the recipients, their coaches and the MSHSSCA 

presenters will be taken.

Ud 6/17/20