State Tournament Banquet

The MSHSSCA and State Tournament Banquets are hosting 3 banquets this year to accommodate ALL THREE CLASSES. These banquets will be coordinated with the area media to obtain maximum publicity for soccer prior to the start of the State Tournament.

The State Tournament Banquets will be held on Sunday, October 24th at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown St. Paul.

Class AAA at 9 AM (Breakfast food will be served)

Class A at 1:30 PM (Dinner will be served)

Class AA at 6:00 PM (Dinner will be served)

The intent of these banquets is to honor the following:

State Tournament Participants Mr/Ms Soccer Finalists and Winners All State Teams (1st and 2nd) Coach of the Year

Assistant Coach of the Year Hall of Fame Inductees Distinguished Service Award Winner(s) Distinguished Alumni Award Winner(s)

State Tournament Planning Forms and Directions

STB - Team Registration Form STB - All State Selectee Registration Form

(Use if your team makes the State Tournament) (Use if your team does not make the State Tournament)